Snappy, the Snaplet cat Mascot validates their data transformations

Want a swift way to validate database transformations?

Get real-time access to synthetic data with Proxy

Imagine the ability to “live-reload” the data in your database. Imagine being able to add data to your database from within your CLI with a simple command, and immediately code against it. Imagine how easy that would make debugging! You can finally stop dreaming, Snaplet Proxy allows validation of transformations on the fly. This means you can stay in your editor and hence, stay in the flow.

If you’re in the mood for a short movie, watch this video by co-founder Peter Pistorius to see how proxy works in action in conjunction with Javascript Transformations and Copycat.  

Alternatively, we’ve provided a short and sweet explanation below.

Snaplet Proxy is a genius little proxy that lives between your database client and your database. Some of us at Snaplet (the non-techies) call it a little ‘spirit’, since it makes your life so much better, even though you can’t actually see it. It sort of just “shows you the way” (if you get Snappy’s drift). You can call it whatever you want, the fact is that Proxy is, well, magic. Proxy intercepts and transforms traffic between your database client and the database, allowing you to test and change your JavaScript transformations in real-time without any changes to the original database. What we’re saying is that you no longer have to capture snapshots and restore them in order to see what your transformations will look like. As you can see in the screenshots below. Validating the change: "email: "" is super swift.

Proxy even provides helpful output where you can see the original value and the replacement value as well as the ones that weren’t changed. Thank you Proxy!

As we hope you will see, we are trying to make working with data as easy as working with code by bringing it into your workflow. Our mission  is to give you safe, production-accurate data that you can code against, so you can focus on shipping. Now, go ahead and code with the flow, the source is Proxy!

If you’ve got a request for a Snaplet feature that’d help you ship, come tell us about it in our Discord, and we’d love to hook you up with some swag!

Almarie Stander
Design, marketing & communications
June 13, 2022