Snaplet mascot Snappy working on a computer

Our mission

As programmers we know what a pain it is to get realistic database snapshots for development and testing. Cleaning up and transforming sensitive data is time-consuming, laborious and hard to maintain. We want to change that.

Our mission is to be the first tool that developers think about when dealing with data at scale. Be that when copying, generating, sharing, transforming, debugging or migrating data.

We  want to make it fun and easy. Put a smile on someone’s face somewhere. If our mascot Snappy (who runs the smiles and naps department) has not done that yet, our hassle-free workflow will!

Our believers

We’re humbled and grateful for the latest seed funding. Joining boldstart ventures in the seed round are base case capital, System.One, and NP-Hard ventures. We're now ready to focus on building the team, and working on an awe-inspiring product. Thanks to the backing of these VCs and awesome investors:

Seed investors 2022:
Angels 2021:
Our values

We’re a team of optimistic and creative problem solvers. We're bound by a set of values that guide our work erhic.

Snaplet mascot Snappy loves you
Not a cat person? Snappy doesn't care. They'll love you regardless of your flaws.