Frequently Asked Questions

Does Snaplet Snapshot have a free option?

Yes, our Free plan is intended for hobbyists, personal projects and small teams. The included allocations are generous enough for a team to evaluate whether Snaplet is the right solution to make sure they’re never blocked again by bad data (spoiler alert: it is!)

What happens if I exceed my monthly limits?

We don’t require a credit card to sign up for Snaplet, and we allow for some overages before we'll reach out to chat to you, so you can rest assured we’ll never charge you for overages without your express permission.

If you’re on our Free plan and you exceed any of your usage parameters, we’ll prompt you to upgrade, or potentially limit your your usage for the remainder of the month.

If you’re a Pro plan user and you exceed your allocations repeatedly, we'll reach out to chat to you about a custom pricing plan.

I’m worried Snaplet is going to bankrupt me. Can I set a hard limit on costs?

Yes, absolutely. If your usage exceeds the specified allocations, we'll reach out to you to discuss a custom billing solution that's fair and appropriate for your needs. You'll never be billed pro-rata by Snaplet.

Are there per seat costs?

No, we charge per team, irrespective of how many people on the team use Snaplet. We think per seat costs disincentivize teams to use tools like Snaplet, and we want your entire team to benefit from being able to code against realistic data. Our Pro plan is meant to be broadly inclusive for what most medium to large sized teams would require, with the potential option to incur usage-based billing for any specific overages. We think this helps keep Snaplet affordable and flexible to meet the needs of most teams.

What are all the variable costs involved for snapshots and preview databases?

Snapshots are stored on an Amazon S3 instance, and as such, there’s a cost for the absolute size of all snapshots (snapshot storage), and the cost for transferring data in and out of that S3 instance when you capture a snapshot or restore that snapshot to a database (snapshot data transfer). When you capture a snapshot, we start up a Fargate worker to connect to your database and turn it into a snapshot. The time taken by that Fargate worker is the snapshot compute time. These values are always visible in your project dashboard for the current month.

Similarly, we use Neon.tech for preview databases, which also incur compute time, storage, and data transfer fees. These are also visible in your project dashboard.

When will I be billed?

Our Pro plan is billed via credit card, upfront, for the month ahead.

Can I cancel or downgrade my account?

Absolutely. If you cancel or downgrade your account, any unused allocations can still be used until the end of the month.

Is there a minimum commitment period for your Pro plan?

Our Pro plan has no commitment period - you can use it for as long or little as you’d like. We don’t want to lock you into a lengthy contract.

How do I get support when I’m using Snaplet?

Both Free and Pro Snaplet Snapshot users can enjoy our legendarily responsive Discord support by joining our server. You can also initiate a support ticket by using our chatbox on our website.

Pro users will enjoy priority support for issues and for new feature requests, but we pride ourselves on making sure every Snaplet user has an amazing support experience.

Can I self-host Snaplet?

Yes, absolutely. Check out our documentation to get started.

What about Snaplet Seed?

Snaplet Seed is entirely free to use, and does not require a Snaplet Cloud login.

Snaplet Seed AI, our optional generative AI solution, is currently in Beta and can be used for free with a (free) Snaplet Cloud account.

We haven't announced any pricing details for Snaplet Seed AI yet, but our intention is to structure it similarly to the pricing for Snaplet Snapshot, with a generous free tier for hobbyists and small teams, and a Pro account for larger teams. We'll also have Enterprise pricing for users with custom requirements.