Write better software with production-like data

Your code runs in production; why aren't you coding against production-like data?

With Snaplet, there’s no need to compromise on subpar data or risk copying from production directly. Forget pg_dump, throw away your seed scripts, and instead say hello to safe, realistic, production-like data in your local environment, without any of the risk. With Snaplet, you can code and debug confidently, all while keeping your data secure and compliant.

Snaplet mascot Snappy playing with a ball

Work smarter, faster and more accurately

Don’t wait until production to find data-related bugs - uncover them during development! Code against realistic data and uncover issues sooner in the development cycle. Less time debugging and reworking your code saves both time and sanity.

Share your data like you share your code

Elevate teamwork by taking your local data to the cloud with snapshot sharing and preview databases. Every time you branch your code, your database comes along for the ride. Now you can share both your code and its associated database with your team—as easily as a 'git push'.

Debug like you're in production, without the risk

Enjoy the best of both worlds: safe, anonymized, production-like data that’s right in your local environment. Close the data gap between development and production, and code with greater confidence and accuracy. The result? Fewer bugs in the production and happier end-users.
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What else can you use Snaplet for?

Using production-like snapshots in your CI/CD environment  ensures that your tests are passing without bugs

End-to-end testing

Using production-like snapshots in your CI/CD environment  ensures that your tests are passing without bugs.


Using production-like data snapshots to fix data-specific issues is much less stressful than debugging against production.