Get instant seed data for your relational database

Save time, remove bias, and assert with confidence with AI generated dummy data to seed your local  database.

Stop creating data from scratch

Build faster with automatically generated production-like dummy data based on your schema. Watch our demo 👉

Snappy needs production-like data or seed data to code against. They decide to use Snaplet's seed feature

The quickest way to get data for your schema

It’s like a seed script but faster, easier to maintain and perfect for local development.

Snaplet use cases

Product overview

Snaplet is composable tooling for developers to manage the data in any development environment. It's an easier and safer way to anonymize and “dump” your production database or generate seed data.

Snappt, the Snaplet cat mascot, is happily coding using javascript

Configure via TypeScript

Use a real programming language to define and edit your data. It's typesafe, auto-completes, you can use conditional logic and you already know the language. "Snaplet lets developers own their data."
A diagramme that shows how Snaplet transforms or generates data to create production-like data.

Production-like data

Snaplet understands your database and data. It automatically transforms personally-identifiable information and follows relationships to seed your database.
An illustration showing three development environments: local, preview and CICD

Works where you work

Snaplet works seamlessly in your development workflow, giving you data where you need it the most: on your local machine, for E2E testing in CI/CD, and preview environments.
Loved by developers around the world

“Seriously, it makes the work much easier.”

- Ben Wunderlich, Trunk

What our users say

How to use the Snaplet suite

Snappy, the Snaplet cat mascot is  looking for data to code against
I need data to code against...
Am I authorized to use production credentials?
Use data in any development environment:
Use data generated by Snaplet in any environment
Testing (CI/CD)
Illustrative image of a CI/CD workflow
Preview environment
Illustrative image of a preview environment
Local development
Illustrative image of a local development environment