Copy, share and test data without worry

Automatically transform and subset production data for your local environment or CI/CD workflow.

Snapshot is like a data dump but better: smaller, safer and perfect for local development, testing, or replicating data-related bugs.

Bye-bye pg_dump, hello Snapshot!

A snapshot is an automatically anonymized sample of a source (production database) created super fast. Not only is a snapshot a smaller version of your real data, it is also safe to code against and share with your team.
Use production-like data instead of production data
Automatically transform sensitive data and validate your TypeScript transformations

Transform sensitive data & validate transformations

Automatically transform sensitive data values using TypeScript. Scramble everything, or just personally identifiable info(PII) with different transformation modes so your team can share data exactly as they need it without the risk for data leaks. The built-in data browser allows you to live preview and validate your TypeScript transformations before restoring your snapshots.

Subset large data sets & debug better with smart filter

Choose the amount of rows you need in your database snapshot. Capture only what you need to code against, making your snapshots smaller and easier to work with. Reproduce data-specific bugs with the smart filter feature.
Subset large data sets & debug better with smart filter image
Create scheduled snapshots to keep your dev environment up to date

Automated scheduling

Scheduled snapshots keep your dev environment up to date, without you lifting a finger. Even on a Sunday!

Instant preview database

With Snaplet preview databases, you can restore snapshots to a preview database from within the Snaplet Cloud environment. Simply select the snapshot that you want to restore and you'll have a development environment that is ready to use in no time. Watch the demo video of preview databases.

Use our cloud app or your own infrastructure

Our cloud app is simple. Just connect your database, choose your sample size and transformation modes, and voila! We need read-only access to your database to capture your data and transform it. This connection is encrypted, which means that no one at Snaplet can access your data. For those with serious data security and privacy restrictions, we offer the ability to self-host. Connect, transform, subset and snapshot, all from within your own trusted environment.
Connecting your database, choosing your sample size and transforming sensitive data is easy on our cloud app
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Seed vs Snapshot?

Creating AI generated production-like data with Snaplet Seed is the quickest and easiest way to use Snaplet. If you need help figuring out the best solution for your use case, chat to us, and we’ll gladly assist.

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