Snappy the Snaplet cat mascot loves seeding your Supabase database with production-like data

Clone your Supabase production data to a dev environment in a snap!

A step-by-step guide for seeding your Supabase database with Snaplet

We're supa excited to be helping the Supabase community with environment parity, which means that we want to give you a space that you can code against that looks exactly like your production environment. As a Supabase user, you may have struggled with setting up multiple environments on Supabase, and populating each of those with data. We’ve seen quite a lot of scenarios that sound like this:

“I'm currently trying to implement a dev version of the prod DB but want to have prod data in there to see how it interacts with the prod data. Is there a way to periodically copy the data from the DB and then rebuild the dev DB from that data?” — bathientran

With Snaplet you can do exactly this in 15 minutes or less. Plus you can consistently keep your other environments up to date with a single command. We’ve created a tutorial that explains step-by-step how to solve this problem.

We’d love your feedback! Join our community on Discord if you'd like to help us improve it.

What we want to provide for our Supabase users:

  1. The ability to create a development database in Supabase’s cloud without you having to do anything manually, like copying the connection string, installing the CLI, etc.
  2. Identifying and automatically transforming the personal information in your database without the need for your explicit input.

If you’ve never heard of Snaplet before, visit our homepage to see how Snaplet helps developers save time by reducing their need for manual data generation or data masking. We'll take care of the data, so you can just write code. If you’re a Supabase user and want to see this workflow in action, check out this step-by-step guide. It's time to dump your seed script, populate your Supabase database with production-like data so you can code, debug, and test with ease.

Almarie Stander
June 22, 2021