Snaplet joins the Jamstack Innovation Fund

Joining the Jamstack to get more databases to more developers.

Today, we're super excited to announce that we're officially a part of the Jamstack ecosystem as Snaplet joins the Netlify Jamstack Innovation Fund, along with 9 other incredible companies

Here at Snaplet, we're on a mission to make developers more productive and more efficient through better and more intuitive developer database tooling. That appreciation for great developer experiences is part of why we love ❤️ the Jamstack movement, and this investment from Netlify not only signals our alignment with the Jamstack philosophy, but allows us to accelerate the delivery of our mission.

We love how the Jamstack philosophy allows developers to focus on simply building product. This investment supports Snaplet’s efforts to deliver self-service database tooling that just works, enabling developers to focus on shipping code instead of debugging seed scripts,” said Peter Pistorius, CEO at Snaplet.

With this partnership, expect to see more features that tie into the Jamstack DevOps solution in our roadmap, like instant databases that can be created on the fly and shared among team members. 

Jian Reis
January 24, 2022