Subsetting allows developers to hone in on specific data samples

"Refresh" specific data tables with Snaplet

Get a specified data sample, filtered according to your needs so you can restore only what is necessary

A little while ago we released snaplet restore --data-only, which allows you to keep your current database structure and only restore the data. Continuing in this theme of giving you more granular control over how you restore your data, today, we're releasing snaplet restore --data-only --tables which allows you to (you guessed it!) restore specific tables only.

Snaplet developer Ewald Horn explains how you can use this new subsetting feature in your workflow to make getting refreshed tables a snap! Check out our docs for a deeper dive into the functionality.

If you are entirely new to Snaplet, visit our homepage to see how you can safely populate your Postgres database with production-like data. We will take care of the data so you can focus on the code no matter where you are in your product development lifecycle. Whether you want to start a new project from scratch, using our generate feature or recreate specific bugs with anonymized snapshots, we'll be there to help you reduce your data workload. If you've heard and seen it all, give it a go.

Jian Reis
May 2, 2024