Barbara Cilliers
Design, communications & marketing
April 6, 2022

Redwood V1 launch week: Startup Showcase

As one of the original creators of the Redwood JS framework, our founder Peter had the opportunity to demo Snaplet at their V1 launch last night. If you missed it, you can watch the talk down below. Peter is followed by a whole line-up of awesome product demos so it’s well worth a watch. Below you can read a short round-up of what he had to share.

First, a quick intro to Redwood JS

Founded by GitHub cofounder Tom Preston-Werner, Redwood is the full-stack web framework that weaves together the best parts of React, GraphQL, Prisma, TypeScript, Jest and Storybook. It’s where the Snaplet adventure started.

Peter opens by setting the scene. Maybe this sounds like you...

You’re a technical founder or CTO and have new developers joining the team. You’ve prepared their entire setup and stack; new laptop, slack, GitHub access, and you’re excited to get them shipping!

The problem is giving them access to production realistic data.

In the past, you’d probably give them a dump of the production database. As you know, this is problematic because it contains a bunch of personal information, so you’re pretty uneasy about sharing it, but you trust them and their drive is encrypted. Alternatively you’d have spent several days writing seed scripts to generate data. You know the agony of writing these, not to mention the absolute nightmare it is to maintain them. Honestly,  it’s a massive waste of your time. Your developers should be writing features and fixing bugs.

Enter Snaplet 😻

Snaplet gives developers access to production realistic data without personal information, in a snap!

So, how does it work?

First Snaplet connects to your source database. With our data editor you then have the ability to anonymize exactly the data you want, in exactly the way you want it. When you kick off a snapshot, our workers connect to your database, copies the database and transforms the personal information. Within minutes you can use our CLI to restore the database to your team member’s computer!

Now they have an accurate, but safe, representation of your production database on their local machine – in less time than it took to stick a Snappy sticker exactly over your mac logo. You’re both ready to start pair programming and your new developer can ship to production from day one!. Less time and stress agonising over private data, more flow for you and your new engineer.

Try it out!

Barbara Cilliers
Design, communications & marketing