Now live: Supabase x Snaplet integration

It’s easier than ever to get started with Snaplet if you’re a Supabase user.

Making sure you’re never blocked by data has always been our number one priority, and today, we’re making that easier than ever to achieve with our Supabase Integration! If you’re a fan of Supabase (like we are), this integration will have you speeding through the process of getting Snaplet working with Supabase.

Previously, when connecting a Supabase database to Snaplet, Supabase users had to manually find and provide information, such as their connection string. Using the Supabase API, we’re now able to get this and other information automatically, making your life easier in a whole bunch of ways:

  1. Effortless Connection: No more manual configurations or looking for connection strings. Connect your Supabase to your Snaplet account with just a few clicks.
  2. Instant Project Fetching: The moment you link up, Snaplet fetches a list of your Supabase projects, making it a breeze to select the desired database.
  3. Safe and Speedy Setup: All we'll prompt you for is your database password (which, for security reasons, we can't fetch from Supabase). Once that's in, you're set to zoom through the Snaplet journey as usual.
  4. Transform & Code with Confidence: With your Supabase database securely connected to Snaplet, you can transform, subset, and restore data with ease.

Want to give it a try? You can use the Supabase integration when creating a new project on Snaplet now. Simply select the ‘Connect Supabase’ option when prompted to connect a database to Snaplet.

What’s next?

In the next few weeks, we will improve our integration with Supabase. You will not only be able to capture a snapshot of your database, but also restore it to a Supabase project. This will enable you to clone the data in your production Supabase project into a new Supabase project without having to install the Snaplet CLI.

We want using Snaplet to be super easy and seamless. We’d love to know your experience of using the Supabase integration, or if there’s another integration that’d help you, let us know on our Discord!

Happy coding! 🚀🐱

Jian Reis
May 2, 2024