Snappy, the Snaplet cat mascot appears on a cereal box

Deploy your day the right way!

How do you share your company values with your team? You feed it to them!

What is EVP and why do we need it?

(Disclaimer: no developer was force-fed during this session)

At Snaplet we share a vision for creating a company that developers WANT to work for. We realised that unless we established a foundational blueprint for the kind of company we’d love to work for, we’ll never succeed in creating one. So we went old school and wrote down everything we believe in and stand for. This is how our EVP came about. Given the fact that our team has tripled since January 2022 (thanks to our amazing investors) it became more important to actively communicate our company’s culture internally. Being a business of knowledge workers, our ability to recruit and attract key talent is a huge factor for us. But the kind of people we attract also has to fit graciously into our culture. Our values not only reflect this culture, it’s also a guide for how we do things at Snaplet.

How do we make it fun and digestible?

Few employees want to read boring policies and lengthy documents. But it is essential for everyone on the team to feel like they belong, and to know what is expected of them. Not only did we want to convey our values in a caring way, we wanted to make it fun and unique for our developers. We finally decided to share it with the team during a Friday morning brunch by means of a jargon-filled cereal box. Who doesn’t read the cereal box, right?

How it turned out:

We put our heads together and created a cereal that would fill our developers’ bellies with laughter, thanks to a healthy mix of values, humour and rib-tickling dev lingo. What a great way to get on board, get in shape, AND start your remote-work day! “Snappy’s Lekker Data Dumps” went down so well with the team, they asked us to share it with the rest of the world. Here’s a little taste.

Bon Appétit!

Almarie Stander
May 2, 2024