A quick look at Snaplet Seed

We’ve been hard at work on Seed, our innovative generative AI solution designed to provide you with realistic data for coding and testing.

Snaplet Seed introspects your database schema to understand the structure of your data, and infer the probable relationships between entities. To generate realistic data for your application, simply import the Snaplet Seed library, and define your seeding requirements. Our generative AI then does the rest, populating your database with realistic data and constructing a comprehensive graph of all related entities.

What might require dozens or even hundreds of lines in a traditional seed script, Snaplet Seed accomplishes with higher accuracy in a few lines. Should Snaplet Seed generate unrealistic values, you have the flexibility to manually adjust the generation process to meet your specific requirements.

Watch as Snaplet developer Khaya Zulu demonstrates just how easy and intuitive Snaplet Seed is:

Snaplet Seed is currently available an experimental preview feature. Check out our docs to get started.

Happy seeding! 🌱

Jian Reis
May 3, 2024