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Join us

We’re looking for co-leaders who want to build impactful products for the developer community. We want to be a company developers want to work for one that prizes autonomy, flexibility and empathy. If you’re looking to make a real contribution, and not take yourself too seriously, this is the place for you.

Hiring process
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You’ll send us a CV and an introductory email
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We’ll reach out and schedule a quick 30 minute chat to learn about you and how we can make you succeed at Snaplet.
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Technical interview: You’ll be given a task to do in your own time and then we’ll schedule a call where we chat about the approach you've taken to complete the task. (It's not a quiz, we want to understand how you think and approach problem-solving. We will never ask puzzle questions and the task is related to daily work.)
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We’ll schedule a chat with two of your would-be co-workers to make sure you’re a good fit with the team.
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We check references: Someone you work with, and someone you've worked for.
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We’ll make an offer and you'll climb on board!
Perks and Benefits
Competitive salary:
We believe in paying people fairly.

Work wherever.

Flexible schedule:
Work whenever.

Equity opportunity:
Everyone is invested in the long-term success of the business.

WFH allowance:
We'll get you started in setting up your ideal home office.

Annual get-togethers:
Once a year, we go somewhere nice as a team.

Current roles up for grabs
Nothing right now!
We're not actively hiring right now, sorry!

We're currently focused on building an amazing Snaplet experience with our current awesome team.

But, if you're dead-set on being a part of the Snaplet story, come introduce yourself in Discord.
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Our values

The following values guide our work-ethic:
I can be my best self at work
A creative team is happy team. We believe in creating an environment that fosters, nurtures and rewards creativity. We want our people to operate in a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, where there is psychological safety to work collaboratively and authentically. We believe that by creating a space where creativity can thrive, people will bring the best version of themselves to work, and do the greatest work of their career.
Remote only
We’re a remote only organisation because it allows lifestyles that aren’t possible if you have to travel into an office. When you’re free to live anywhere, work is something that no longer anchors and dominates your life, but can be harmoniously integrated into your lifestyle. To foster this freedom, we prioritize flexibility, autonomy, empathy, transparency and accountability.
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"Just take that cat nap already!"
“There is no place for egos, only heroes."
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"I know everything there is to know about balance and personal life should NOT be the tail end of it."
"Did you say I’m the bestest? I love you!"
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Work life harmony
We aim to create a space where you can achieve a harmonious integration of work and life. Meaningful work that challenges, stimulates, excites and fills you with a sense of pride is essential for living a purpose-filled life. What’s not required is that it takes up a specific amount of time, or is done while wearing formal clothes. Neither should it be done to the exclusion of family, friends, hobbies and interests.

Always improving
We want Snaplet to be a part of your growth story. We want you to do the most challenging, exciting, meaningful work of your career. We want you to feel engaged, make mistakes, stretch, learn, grow, both in technical and non-technical ways. We want to give you the safety to learn and experiment, and that means giving you the coaching, managing, mentorship and guidance you need. We’ll support you in this growth, celebrate the wins, learn from the mistakes and grow togehter.

Our values in action

Autonomy & Flexibility:Work wherever. Work whenever. We care about the output, not how many hours you sat in your seat.

Empathy & Humility:We work in teams because we want to achieve more than we could build by ourselves. We want team players with emotional self awareness and empathy, because they build others. Brilliant jerks need not apply.

Inclusivity & Trust:We start from a basis of trust, rather than building up to it. We value diverse and inclusive environments, because we firmly believe the best decisions come from a diversity of experiences.

Transparent & Accountable:We say what we do and do what we say.

Continuous Improvement:We can always do better. We enjoy the wins, learn from the failures, and create an environment that makes it safe to learn and grow.
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