Coding against unrealistic data sucks.

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“The path to a better developer experience starts with a single feature.”
We'll encrypt snapshots for both locally captured, and cloud based snapshots, however cloud based snapshots will have a private-key for each snapshot that is only accessible for user's that have appropriate access.
A user caught a bug in production, and you only want the data for that particular user? That's when you'll reach for sub-setting: We'll create a tiny slither of a snapshot (without personal information) just for that user!
Proxy is a light-weight, programmable, database proxy that's born to run on the edge. We believe that that community will benefit from immutable (and soon to be mutable) way to modifying the data going in and out of your database.
Capture, share, and restore snapshots in your own infrastructure.
We love PostgresQL, but we think the everyone should code against production accurate data!
Snaplet work amazingly well as a companion tool to the development process as a CLI, but we want to offer a composable programattic interface for developers to manage the state in their database. Perfect for tests!
Want a swift way to validate transformations? Get real time access to production-accurate data with proxy. Code with the flow, the source is proxy! This feature is read-only at the moment, we're working on mutation mechanics!
Copycat generates everything from emails to phone numbers, but deterministically! Which is a fancy way of saying that it requires an input value, which makes it generate a static output value. If the input changes, so does the output. So functional!
The data in your database is complicated, and you need a real programming environment to transform the data in your database: Conditional logic, deepyl nested JSON structures, and the whole JavaScript ecosystem at your fingertips.

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