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Say goodbye to seed scripts
Snaplet gives developers production-accurate data and preview databases that they can code against, so they can focus on shipping.
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Your dev-env matches production. Why not do the same with the data?

The most common ways to get data in your dev-env is to copy production data, or write seed scripts. Both suck!

Copying production data means copying private data, and wiring together different bits of infrastructure is complicated.

Seed scripts take a lot of time to write and maintain, they’re a small sample of data, and basically inaccurate.

Snaplet improves the entire workflow.
Snappy chooses between writing a seed script and downloading original database
Works where you work
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How it works

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where to host: Self-host or Snapet cloud

Copy database data

Introspect database structure

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Transform, subset (reduce), or generate data

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Create snapshots

Illustration example of snaplet CLI

Restore locally
via the CLI

Product overview

Snaplet is

a software

developer's tool

for working


safe, versioned,


production-like data,

at the snap of your fingers

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Safe & secure
Easily identify and transform sensitive user data. Only authenticated team members can
restore snapshots.
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Custom anonymized data
Exclude optional tables & define exactly how to transform column data using JavaScript functions. No more DSL.
Just code.
Fast, tiny downloads
Restore only essential tables as and when needed to create snapshots in just a few minutes.
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Substitute private column data with anonymized values so your development database looks and acts as real as possible.
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Up to date
Schedule nightly, hourly or on-demand snapshots of your database.
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Easy to restore
Easily restore your snapshots onto your dev-env using our CLI.
We’re still figuring things out.
Whilst in open beta,
we’re totally free.
We want to launch these key features before we start charging:
1. Scheduled snapshot capture
2. Restore to data target-cloud database
3. Pre-bake docker containers
4. Self-hosted snapshot capturers
We’re anticipating a per-developer pricing model for teams, so each member of your team that uses the CLI will pay a flat-monthly fee of $10 USD per developer.
Questions? Concerns? Comments?
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fair usage policy
*free whilst in beta
Questions? Concerns? Comments?
Let's chat >