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Seed your Postgres database with production-like data so you can code, debug, and test with ease

How it works

Snappy, the Snaplet cat mascot is  looking for data to code against
I need data to code against...
Do I have access to production-like data?
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A better database dump
Exclude, Subset & Transform sensitive information
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A better seed script
Generative AI for relational data
Use data in any development environment:
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Local development
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Preview environment
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Product overview

Snaplet is a tool for developers to copy your database, transform sensitive data and share it with your team without worrying about personally identifiable information (PII)

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manage the state of your database icon

Easily manage the state of your database

When you branch your code, we branch your database, and keep it up-to-date with an anonymised subset of production-like data.
always up-to-date production-like data icon

Always up-to-date production-like data

Capture your data on schedule or on demand as you need it so it always reflects production.
reduce huge datasets to save time and space icon

Reduce huge datasets to save time and space

With Subsetting, you use only the data you need, so it is faster to capture and easier to reason about and move around.
branch your database like you branch your code

Branch your data like you branch your code

Every time you branch your code, Snaplet branches your database, so when you're switching between writing features and fixing bugs, you won't loose your current database state.
reproduce and fix bugs icon

Reproduce and fix bugs
in a snap

Snaplet Smart Filter makes it quick and easy to reproduce bugs.

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eliminate anxiety about sensitive data icon

Eliminate anxiety about sensitive data

With Snaplet Transform, you create production-like data without any private information. Easily verify your changes in the Data Browser before creating Snapshots. You can even determine what type of transformation mode you want to use.

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Share your database icon

Share your database without worry

With all sensitive data safely transformed, Snaplet makes sharing data as easy as pie. By moving your local database to the cloud, you can seamlessly share your active database with other team members.
Onboarding new team members icon

Save time onboarding new team members

With safely transformed, production-like data, Snaplet makes onboarding
new team members a breeze.

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No database, no problem icon

No database? No problem!

With Snaplet's Preview Databases you can restore snapshots from within the Snaplet Cloud environment (No CLI needed!).

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Snaplet for VS Code

The Snaplet VS Code Extension is the fastest and easiest way to use Snaplet

The extension gives you access to a Postgres database that's automatically kept up to date with production-like data, that branches when you branch your code, and that's shareable with your team. Learn more

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Loved by developers around the world

“Seriously, it makes the work much easier.”

- Ben Wunderlich, Trunk

John @johnblythe
Would have killed to have @_snaplet around years ago, but sooooo glad it’s here today. They’re doing a bang up job and I’m thrilled to have them become a core piece of our DX.
Twitter • 2023
Atli Cervantes (@AtliCervantes)
@_Snaplet solves a real pain point for companies of all sizes and is a joy to work with. Check out Snaplet Preview Databases, powered by @neondatabase! Yet another awesome partnership rounding out the likes of @Replit and @vercel
Twitter • 05/09/2023 8:48 PM
Hey I want to thank you all folks, I’ve only started using this 1 week ago, and all the issues I’ve posted here have been wonderfully fixed, kindly and super fast, you’re doing an amazing job thanks for it️ 🙂
Discord • 2023
Really cool work from the folks @_snaplet✨You get to bootstrap preview databases with your deploy previews @Netlify and not worry about affecting production💥
Twitter • 2023
Kaiden 🦄🌈🌟 (@glsee)
Wish I had come across Snaplet earlier!
Twitter • 02/27/2023 6:30 AM
Saad Awan
Just used Snaplet with Supabase and want to sent a thank you note :) It works like a charm. Thanks again.
Discord • 2023
Lukas Klein (@lks_kln)
It has become an essential part of our workflow so please never stop 😇
Twitter • 15/02/2023 6:15 PM
Luxury Mode
Amazing. Ya’ll are doing this the right way.
Discord • 2022 5:26 PM